Download Infineon Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver

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    LG United Mobile Driver WHQL Ver 4.9.4 All Win7 LGE All
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InfineonDownload Infineon Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver
Please visit Boot-Loader V2.0 to get access to complete Octopus Box firmware collection for LG phones.

Infineon is the original producer of the X-GOLD modems and was bought by Intel about 2 years ago. Intel have since rebranded these as 'XMM', but still keep the device package labels as 'XG6260', for example. However, Infineon is still alive and have been re-assigned to only develop the XMM firmware, through their company division 'Infineon. Shop the best smartphones and cell phone plans at Spectrum Mobile - the nation's largest 4G LTE network. Add accessories to protect Samsung and LG phones.

Download Infineon Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver


The super-fast 5G mobile wireless standard forms the basis for the connected Gigabit society. In particular, it will stimulate applications that are especially demanding when it comes to exchanging data. In a smart city, for example, 5G can provide motorists with congestion and accident warnings as well as information on where to find a free parking space. Vehicles can communicate with one another or with the infrastructure – with fast and reliable data transmission acting as a driver for highly automated motoring. Even software updates with new functions for the car can be performed in seconds by means of a mobile radio interface.

Industry 4.0 is another example of an important 5G application. With its networked value creation and supply chains, widescale sensor monitoring of production systems and interacting robots, Industry 4.0 is reliant on effective communication.

Download Infineon Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Windows 7


Super-fast mobile communications will make the use of media more individual, flexible and versatile in future too. Take a concert or football match, for example, where several thousand people can access the mobile Internet at the same time. They can follow the event interactively in real time as well as from a variety of different perspectives in 4K/8K Super HD on the smartphone. 5G offers a data capacity that is 100 times greater than LTE and data transmission rates that are more than a thousand times faster. Thanks to barely perceptible latencies, the cellular standard allows a lightning-fast response in the network and uses less power in the process. These impressive performances are the result of four innovations.