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Igel Technology is offering businesses an updated version of a card that converts aging desktop PCs into thin clients, thereby extending the operating life of old equipment. Take on any job with powerful desktops built for your most demanding virtual apps. This series delivers a faster experience across 2D, 3D and HD video apps.

The BIOS-Version doesn’t seem to support the Fibocom L850-GL modem in our Lenovo Thinkpads T14s Gen 1

Drivers Igel Laptops Drivers

We have Lenovo ThinkPad T490s 20NY laptops with a Fibocom L830-EB and they are working fine, but unfortunately that laptop is EOL.

Drivers Igel Laptops Refurbished

Is it possible to upload drivers?

Hi, are you related to @member and his thread?

Just to get the things a bit sorted 😄

Uploading/integrating drivers in general, might work but let me ask first which firmware version of Igel OS you are running and if you already checked if there is a Bios Update for your devices?


Yes we’re colleagues.

With the BIOS-version we meant the Igel OS (firmware) version.

We haven’t tried any Bios or hardware firmware updates yet.

From what I‘m seing they are a few distros whose supporting that modem but I can‘t say it for sure. According to some articles, the modem may need some additional work. Did you tried a plain Ubuntu x64 18.04 version and check if you get it running there? If that works, we have a little chance to get it implemented by using a CP.

Sounds good! We’ll go ahead and try this! We will work on this again starting this coming monday.

And, just in case, please check if they are Bios Updates for that device (Laptop AND Modem)👍

We’ll do!

Thanks for your help and ideas

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