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Drivers Intelligent Hearing Aid

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By Miranda ChantJanuary 21, 2021 3:30pm

Fighting back tears, the Kitchener woman responsible for the Old East Village explosion apologized to the victims of the August 2019 blast and thanked them for their heroic actions in saving her life.

Daniella Leis, 24, addressed the court Thursday for the first time since she pleaded guilty last October to four counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm.

“I can’t express how truly sorry I am for what I’ve done to you. It is one thing to hear what an accident was like on the news. It is another thing to hear it from your statements,” Leis said during the roughly three hour long sentencing hearing that was held over Zoom. “It really gives me a perspective of just how reckless my actions were. I robbed you of quality time with your families, I robbed you of your careers and for that I will never forgive myself.”

Drivers Intelligent Hearing Devices

Leis, dressed in all black with her long brown hair framing her face, said she has had many days where the reality of her actions has hit her “like a ton of bricks.” She thanked emergency crews, who responded to what began as a crash on Woodman Avenue, and residents of the quiet street who rescued her from her vehicle prior to the massive explosion.

“I would not be here today had you not risked your lives to save mine,” Leis said. “I feel terrible for causing such significant damage, be it physical, emotional, monetary or property… What I have done has had such a negative impact on all of you and I will never stop being sorry for my actions.”

Leis, who was in London on the night of August 14, 2019 to attend a concert at Budweiser Gardens, admitted to getting behind the wheel of her father’s grey Ford Fusion after she had consumed alcohol. With nearly three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system, she travelled the wrong way down Queens Avenue for roughly 2.78 kilometres before crashing into a home at 450 Woodman Ave. The crash severed a natural gas line which caused the home to fill with the colourless substance before it ignited 15 minutes later. The explosion sent glass flying 76 metres and other debris up to 180 metres away. More than 70 homes in the area had to be evacuated.

The home at 450 Woodman was obliterated in the blast, while homes at 448 and 452 Woodman were so severely damaged they had to be torn down in the days that followed. Four people, two firefighters and two police officers, suffered severe injuries in the explosion.

The lasting effects of that summer night nearly a year and a half ago were put into perspective during Thursday’s sentencing hearing as four victim impact statements were read to the court – all from people who lost their Woodman Avenue homes.

Hailey Gray, who was expecting her first child at the time of the explosion, told the court she felt her pregnancy had been stolen. Her home and everything inside of it was destroyed in the incident, leaving her, her husband Eric, and their unborn baby with nothing.

“During a time in our lives when we should have been celebrating welcoming in a new life into our lives, I was completely distracted, anxious, and overwhelmed,” said Gray. “Emotionally we were broken… I have had to receive counselling as a result of this incident… some days I feel as though I am just going through the motions.”


Laura Earle, another Woodman Avenue resident, described the efforts of her husband Chris who used a brick to smash the passenger side window of Leis’ vehicle to free her prior to the blast. She recalled the scream of her neighbour whose house exploded before their eyes and trying to run down the street with firey debris falling around them.

“It was like a war zone. People walking around, crying, screaming, confused. The smoke in the air was so thick you could hardly breath or see. Our eyes were red, our hair smelled like smoke,” said an emotional Earle. “The experiences has made us feel extremely exposed to death. Since then my anxiety has spiked, I break out in hives, have lost hair and get severe chest pains.

She told the court she is optimistic her and her partner will continue to heal, but will always remember what they went through.

“We are different than we were before and always will be. This experience has changed how we live. The trauma is exhausting to carry,” said Earle.

Karen Fisher and her then 12-year-old daughter Emma lived at 450 Woodman Ave. In addition to irreplaceable material items, such as photos of loved ones, they lost a member of their family. Their pet cat died in the blast.

“I suffered a lot of guilt regarding my pet who I lost in the explosion. I can remember him running under the bed after the house was hit and I would think ‘if I just held on to him maybe he could have been saved,'” the younger Fisher told the court.

She went on to state that since that day she has felt “numb” and has gone to counselling.

“I tell myself not to get too attached to anything in case something ever happens again,” said Emma Fisher.

Her mother said she had dealt with conflicting emotions and at times is so overwhelmed she simply shuts down.

Speaking right to Leis she added “I hope you never have to experience such a tragic loss at the hands of another person. It could have been prevented so easily. My hope for you is that your own experience will lead you to be an advocate against drunk driving.. you are in a unique position to influence other young people. Please use your time wisely.”

Four additional victim impact statements were filed, but not read aloud Thursday.

Assistant Crown Attorney Jason Miller has asked for a prison term of three years for Leis. He also requested a three year driving ban upon her release.

Drivers Intelligent Hearing

“This sort of behaviour needs to stop,” said Miller. “General deterrence has a real chance of working…It is important that people get the message that Canadian society is tired [of these offences], they have had it. Ms. Leis is a very intelligent, capable young woman and the fact that she made this mistake is what causes the public to despair. She should know better.”

Miller stated the aggravating factors in the case are the level of alcohol in Leis’ system, her manner of driving prior to the crash, the general harm caused to the victims, and the bodily harm caused to the victims.

“These victims have lasting and permanent effects as a result of her actions. The individuals who were injured in this case will never be whole,” said Miller.

It was noted that Leis had no criminal record prior to the incident, has expressed genuine remorse, and has taken rehabilitation steps such as receiving counselling for alcohol abuse. It was also stated that she has not had a drink since the night of the blast.

Leis’ defence lawyer Richard Braiden has asked for a sentence ranging from 18 months to two years, with an extended probation period and three year driving ban to follow.

In his submission to the court he pointed out the added risk and disadvantage for those being sent to prison during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“She is going to be going to jail during the second wave when the increases in the community got to the point where the provincial government had to order a provincewide lockdown,” said Braiden. “There are so any things that are now restricted so that inmates spend more time in their cells, more time in lockdowns due to health concerns. The experience in custody in January 2021 is harsher than it was say 18 months ago.”


Braiden also referenced a statement made by Leis in the Gladue report that was prepared ahead of the sentencing hearing.

“I feel for the first responders, especially the one who suffered the most. He can’t be a firemen ever again. I took everything away from him. I feel like the worst person,” Leis said in the report, which is prepared under the criminal code to give consideration to offenders of Indigenous background.

Braiden said the statement shows Leis continues to show remorse and empathy for her actions.

Ontario Court Justice George Orsini is now tasked with considering both sentencing arguments and will deliver his decision on February 11.

Daniella Leis’ full statement:

“I have been waiting for this ever since the day after my horrible decision that affected so many people and so many lives. For the longest time I could not find the words to express how I was feeling, mainly because I could not even express how I was feeling. I was numb and I was in disbelief .

I have had many days where everything that has happened hit me like a ton of bricks straight through the chest. I think what made this so difficult was week after week discovering new and awful things that had happened to people all because of me.

To everyone here today, that was affected and wanted their proper closure from me, I am sorry I have taken so long. This is the only setting where it seems appropriate to do so. Not through reporters showing up to my dad’s house, not on any social media platform , and not on the news. Here to the people that I directly hurt. Firstly, I would like to thank the first responders who arrived to the scene so quickly, I’d also like to thank who I found out who it was today, who managed to get me out of my car as I was passed out at the wheel. I would not be here today had you not risked your lives to save mine.

Drivers Intelligent Hearing Definition

I can’t express how truly sorry I am for what I’ve done to you. It is one thing to hear what an accident was like on the news. It is another thing to hear it from your statements. It really gives me a perspective of just how reckless my actions were. I robbed you of quality time with your families, I robbed you of your careers and for that I will never forgive myself.

I hope that with me being here and finally being able to tell you this can show you just how sorry I am.

To the people of Old East Village, I want to thank you for being so supportive and so kind to the people who lost their homes and keepsakes because of me. I would also like to apologize for causing such devastation and trauma from my actions.

Drivers Intelligent Hearing Aids

To the families that lost everything because of me, I am so sorry. I read some statements that said that this could have been worse or that they were just material things but I understand the heartache to some extent at least. I try to put myself in your shoes and think of how distraught I would be if I had lost all of my notebooks, pictures of family members that I can never be with again or even my dog. It is one thing to lose your pet from old age but to lose it because your house has caught fire, I just can’t imagine it.

I feel terrible for causing such significant damage, be it physical, emotional, monetary or property. I have read all of your statements over and over. What I have done has had such a negative impact on all of you and I will never stop being sorry for my actions. I hope you can realize that today.

Drivers Intelligent Hearing Impaired

I admire all of your. Your strength is incredible. I hope I can be as strong as you have been as I face the consequences that the court decides is appropriate.”