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That was the sound the plastic mirror on my truck made as the driver of an 18 wheel, USPS truck struck my daughter and me while we were sitting still. The driver hopefully unaware he almost trapped my daughter’s arm between his truck and ours, continued moving forward as he tried to force his way into our lane.

I called 911; “911 what’s your emergency?” After being transferred not once, not twice but three-times (they couldn’t figure out who’s call it was) I spoke to Itasca P.D and they dispatched an officer to our scene. So we wait, and we wait, and we wait…after an hour an officer finally shows up. I’m expecting an officer to come to my window any minute now, but all I see is two officers (named later as Katlyn Jezior and Daniel Kaltenback Badge #229 of Itasca P.D) keep walking from their squad car to the driver’s window of the USPS truck. “Ok any minute now, an officer is going to knock on my window to find out what happened.” While I sit and wait off to the side of unbelievably heavy traffic of Elgin O’hare Expressway and 290, I start to strike up a conversation with some of the construction workers striping the road, one of them proceeds to say he saw the entire accident and states “I saw you stopped in the left lane and that semi just keep creeping into your lane as he hit you.” Awesome, so aside of the witness in my car, there is a non-bias construction worker that witnessed everything…open and shut.

Drivers Kaltenbach Xerox

Nope, after approximately six times of officers Kaltenbach and Jezior walking from their squad to the USPS truck, finally there was a knock on my window and it was officer Kaltenbach. He proceeds to explain how to fill out the traffic accident report and I’m thinking in my head; “oh cool, the USPS driver was honest about what happened.” Then I ask officer Kaltenbach if the report had the driver’s insurance information etc on it and he proceeded to tell me that he doesn’t have, nor does he need insurance on the vehicle because it’s “self insured.” I ask the officer if he listed the other driver as the “AT FAULT” driver (this is where it get’s really good) and replies, “here’s the thing; I have to base my information from all the information gathered”…WTF? He never once spoke to me and spoke to the driver of the USPS truck six times…

Drivers Kaltenbach & VoigtDrivers Kaltenbach & Voigt

Then here is the cherry on top, after he proceeds to tell me he listed me as the “at fault” driver, he hands me a citation for “FAILURE TO YIELD TO MERGING TRAFFIC”…DOUBLE WTF?!?! At this point I’m hoping this guy is either joking or gets ran over by a truck passing by! Wouldn’t you know it…he wasn’t joking and as far as I know, he’s still working for Itasca P.D. I ask the officer why he never spoke to me, yet he spoke to the other driver six times? I also told him that it’s impossible for me to yield because I was at a complete stop when he struck us. His ignorant response was “that’s what courts for Sir” and idiotic look on his face when I told him that the entire conversation was recorded and I had pics of the vehicle as it struck my truck while we sat there waiting for them. Not to mention there are two witnesses to attest to what happened. Now I’m feeling like I’m in the twilight zone of idiots…so I let Officer Kaltenbach know that he’s incompetent and that he should have done his job, spoken to us and got all the facts and never issued a ticket without doing so. His entire demeanor changed once he found out he was being recorded. So I ask for a supervisor, Officer Kaltenback denies and states I’m not calling a supervisor while we are sitting here in traffic. At this point, you “the reader” should be thinking WTF they have been sitting there for an hour waiting for them to show up and another forty-five minutes for Officer Kaltenbach and Jezior to go give the USPS driver a couple of hand jobs and possibly a reach around, but a supervisor can’t be called because of the dangerous location of traffic? So I asked him three separate times for a supervisor…DENIED! So then I ask for the names of the officer(s) present and at first he refuses, I reiterate “so you are refusing to get a supervisor and you are refusing to tell me the names of the officer(s) present at the scene? I just want to make sure I understand correctly for my recording.” He then very reluctantly blurts out the names of the officers with a disgusted look on his face.

Fast forward a couple of days later:

I draft a professionally worded letter to the State’s Attorney/Circuit Clerk Chris Kachiroub-ass, informing them of the particulars and letting them know that I have pictures of the truck while in contact with mine and that there were two witnesses to the accident that will attest that I was sitting still and the USPS truck struck me, therefore rendering officer Kaltenbach’s ticket he issued me for “failure to yield” to merging traffic impossible and requesting that in the interest of Judicial Economy, the ticket be thrown out to save tax payers money for a frivolous and erroneous ticket.

On July 29, 2014 I received the enclosed response of State’s Attorney/ Circuit Clerk Chris Kachiroub-ass; stating my case has been set for trial for 09/02/2014 at 1:00pm at the Glendale Heights Field Court in Glendale Heights. So clearly the State’s Attorney and Circuit Clerk do not care about tax payers in Itasca and only care about generating revenue and wasting tax payer’s money. No logic in the world would, nor any competent tax paid representative should/ would refuse to see evidence that would prove a case and ultimately save tax payers the financial burden to battle this case out in court, unless they had a complete and total disregard for their tax paying citizens. Personally I would contact my municipality and complain and demand that they at least view the evidence before wasting money and going to trial, or I would ensure those people/ persons were not re-elected…but that’s just me. Maybe the wonderful citizens of Itasca have that much money to blow and like that their representative are so freely wasting their money! I don’t know, but I highly doubt it. “We” as tax paying citizens cannot sit quite while our local municipalities continue asking for more and more handouts from us each and every year, then wasting the hand outs we do give as they see fit…NONSENSICAL!!!

Ok here’s the zinger, DRUM ROLL: After all this incompetence Officer Kaltenbach loses my drivers license…yes, you read that correctly: Officer Kaltenbach lost my driver’s license. Never once did he say, we will pay to have it replaced.

His explanation of his losing it reminded me of the scene from Death At A Funeral, where Kevin Hart misplaces Chris Rock’s father. These are the people hired to ensure safety and protect us!?!?


Drivers Kaltenbach In Pennsylvania

If you live in Itasca or you agree, that municipalities shouldn’t waste tax payer’s money…reach out to them:

Watch the befuddles Officer Kaltenbach here:

Drivers Kaltenbach In Philadelphia

Chief:Heher, Scott 630) 773-1004 email: [email protected]

Mayor: Jeff Pruyn [email protected]

Feel free to mention my ticket or simply complain on principle…Ticket 2014TR070318