Drivers LSI Hard Disk Controller

Posted on 4 Port PCI Express 2.0 SATA III 6Gbps RAID Controller Card with HyperDuo SSD Tiering - PCIe SATA 3 Controller Adapter (PEXSAT34RH) LSI MegaRAID SAS 9361-4i 4-Port 12Gb/s SAS+SATA PCI-Express 3.0 Low Profile RAID Controller, Single. Ensure that the Shares option is set as High in the Hard Disk area (under the Virtual Hardware tab in the Edit Settings window). Admin and MnT nodes rely heavily on disk usage. Using shared disk storage VMware environment might affect the disk performance. I have tried so many different drivers, I have set the mode to AHCI, RAID, Enhanced and compatibility but they never show. The drives show in the BIOS and in a CentOS install. I have also tried formatting each hard drive to something else to see if I could get one to show up (eg 1 drive is unformatted, 1 is NTFS, 1 is MBR, 1 is GPT etc). Of system disk is reserved for system recovery software (Vista). SAS Hard Drives € Factory Configured Option Kit Option Kit Part Number Support Notes € HP SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) Hard Drives for HP Workstations € 146 GB 15K rpm SAS 3.0 Gb/s 3.5' Hard Drive Y Y EA330AA € € 300 GB 15K rpm SAS 3.0 Gb/s 3.5' Hard Drive Y Y EM174AA €. The mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) has been the standard storage system for PCs across the world for over 30 years, but the technology behind it all is much older than that.

GSmartControl - Hard disk drive and SSD health inspection tool

GSmartControl is a graphical user interface for smartctl (from smartmontools package), which is a tool forquerying and controlling SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and ReportingTechnology) data on modern hard disk and solid-state drives. It allows you to inspect thedrive's SMART data to determine its health, as well as run various tests onit.

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GSmartControl 1.1.3 released. See the Downloads page.
This is a bugfix release:

  • Fixed gsmartcontrol-root not launching if GDK_* variables are not set.


GSmartControl 1.1.2 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • Fixed gsmartcontrol-root not passing GDK_SCALE and GDK_DPI_SCALE variables to gsmartcontrol when using PolKit.
  • Fixed blurriness of icons in the main window with GDK_SCALE=2.
  • Tweaked the main window interface.
  • Windows: Show volume labels beside drive letters in icon tooltips.
  • Windows: smartctl 6.6 is bundled with the packages now.


GSmartControl 1.1.1 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • Windows: Use Adwaita GTK+ theme on systems which support Classic Windows theme, since the default win32 GTK+ theme is broken when used with Classic theme; this includes Windows 7 and Windows Server.
  • Statistics entry values are formatted with commas for readability.
  • The help information has been moved to the website.

Note to packagers:

  • xterm should be added to runtime requirements (it is needed by the 'Update Drive Database' functionality).
  • On systems where PolKit is available, it should be added to runtime requirements (in such case no other su program like kdesu/gnomesu/gksu is needed).
  • The minimum required version of smartmontools is 5.43.


GSmartControl 1.1.0 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • New Statistics, Temperature Log, Error Recovery, Physical and Directory tabs.
  • General tab shows non-SMART device settings as well.
  • Attributes tab shows entries in 'brief' format.
  • Error Log tab shows Extended error log by default (if supported).
  • Self-Test Log tab now shows Extended self-test log by default (if supported).
  • GSmartControl now uses '-x' equivalent for retrieving data (as opposed to '-a'); loading '-x' outputs as virtual drives is also supported.
  • A new ability to copy rows in CSV format from Attribute, Statistics and Self-Test Log tables.
  • New 'Update Drive Database' functionality.
  • Windows: Drive letters are shown for each drive.
  • Scan time is shown under virtual drive icons.
  • Polkit is supported with gsmartcontrol-root script now.
  • Pcrecpp is no longer bundled, use system-installed one instead.
  • Smartmontools version 5.43 is required at runtime.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

Note to packagers: gsmartcontrol binary is installed to /usr/sbin now. xterm should be added to runtime requirements.


Drivers LSI Hard Disk Controller

The URL of this project has changed to The old URL will redirect to the new one.


Drivers LSI Hard Disk Controller

Drivers Lsi Hard Disk Controller Windows 7

GSmartControl 1.0.2 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • Fixed incomplete capturing of smartctl output under Windows.
  • Added missing icons under Windows.
  • Fixed being able to turn on AODC even if unsupported.


Updated Windows installers have been released (they include proper-architecture smartctl now). See the Downloads page.


GSmartControl 1.0.1 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • Fixed compilation under Fedora Rawhide.
  • Fixed compilation under macOS.
  • Fixed optimization flags for architectures other than x86 and x86-64.


GSmartControl 1.0.0 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • Ported the interface to GTK+ 3.
  • Tweaked the user interface a bit.
  • Added 64-bit packages for Windows.
  • Dropped support for Windows XP, 2000 and 2003 (they are no longer supported by GTK+).
  • Fixed detection of newer system-installed smartmontools under Windows.


GSmartControl 0.9.0 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • Implemented (untested) support for Linux-based Areca controllers with enclosures.
  • Implemented (untested) support for Windows-based Areca controllers (thanks to Richard Kagerer).
  • Implemented (untested) support for Linux-based HP controllers with cciss and hpsa/hpahcisr drivers (thanks to Fabrice Bacchella).
  • Changes in Preferences no longer fail silently until re-scan/restart.
  • Better drive detection under Windows after removable drives are detached.
  • Windows version is no longer marked as 'dpi aware' since it's not supported that well.
  • Drive attribute descriptions have been updated (including clarifications for SSDs).
  • Added support for SSD-only and HDD-only vendor attributes.
  • Devices having only basic info can be displayed now in the info window.
  • Fixed BD-RW drive detection (it was detected as a HDD).
  • Other minor improvements.
  • A number of issues have been fixed (including a crash).

Also, the Windows version now includes smartctl and update-smart-drivedb.exe from smartmontools 6.5.


The Linux binary packages have been updated with a patch that fixes crash on startup for some smartmontools version and system configuration combinations. The source patch can be downloaded separately as well. Note that the fix has been included in the SVN version for some time now.
Additionally, packages for newer versions of distributions have been added. Packages for some very old (and obsolete) distributions have been removed.


GSmartControl home page has been moved from BerliOS to SourceForge due to planned closure of the BerliOS Developer Portal.


GSmartControl 0.8.7 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • Implemented support for Adaptec RAID 5805 controller and possibly other Adaptec models as well (Linux).
  • Implemented support for Areca RAID controller detection under Linux (untested).
  • Implemented support for 3ware 3w-sas-supported (twl) RAID controller detection under Linux (untested).
  • Implemented support for systems with several different 3ware controllers (twa/twe/twl).
  • Fixed invalid parsing of tw_cli output which caused non-detection of drives and controllers with controller or port numbers greater than 9 if tw_cli was found (3ware linux, windows).
  • The duplicate drives are no longer shown for some Intel matrix controllers under Windows; Intel RAID controllers are fully supported under Windows now.
  • Added options to show device name and serial number under drive icons.
  • Updated SMART attribute definitions and added warnings for SSD lifetime attributes.
  • gsmartcontrol-root has a new argument '--desktop=...' which replaces the old positional argument; compatibility with the old invocation syntax has been retained.
  • Completely documented the source using doxygen tags.
  • Added support for Fedora's consolehelper.
  • Made GSmartControl DPI-aware under Windows.
  • Fixed compilation issues with clang and gcc 4.7, as well as glib 2.31.x and newer.
  • Fixed minor issues in NSIS installer.
  • Fixed other minor bugs and made minor improvements.

Also, the Windows version now includes smartctl and update-smart-drivedb.exe from smartmontools 5.43.


GSmartControl Windows packages have been updated with a working update-smart-drivedb.exe and other minor fixes (thanks to Christian Franke). See the Downloads page.


GSmartControl 0.8.6 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • Support detecting drives behind 3ware controllers (Linux, Windows), including tw_cli/cx/px mode in Windows. Having tw_cli is recommended but not required.
  • Added support for specifying -d option and extra parameters via command line, 'Add Device' and 'Preferences' dialogs. This change effectively adds full support for multiple drives behind a single device name.
  • Beesu and su-to-root are supported by gsmartcontrol-root script now.
  • Completely revamped the attribute database and its handling, should be a lot more usable and forward-compatible now; SSD attributes are also included.
  • In-program help has been expanded considerably.
  • General improvements to user interface have been implemented (better GNOME HIG compliance, better tooltips, dialogs, etc...).
  • Added ability to show smartctl output for devices whose info could not be parsed fully.
  • Attributes in 'brief' format are supported now.
  • The parser has been updated to reflect the recent changes in smartctl.
  • Quit and rescan operations are no longer denied without confirmation when tests are running.
  • The Windows NSIS installer has been vastly improved.
  • Better support for Windows Vista and 7.
  • Changed copyright notices for files with Whatever License to use Unlicense.
  • Added other minor features and fixed quite a few bugs.

Also, the Windows version now includes smartctl and update-smart-drivedb.exe from smartmontools 5.41.

I'd like to say HUGE thanks to Tom H. Lautenbacher, Vassilis Voreopoulos, Christian Franke (and the smartmontools team) and all the others who made this release possible. I'd also like to thank 3ware for donating a piece of hardware so that GSmartControl could support it. Thank you all!


WARNING! IDENTIFY DEVICE may result in data loss on a Samsung F4 EcoGreen (HD204UI, HD204UI/Z4, HD204UI/UZ4, HD155UI, HD155UI/Z4, HD155UI/UZ4)!

Any program that issues IDENTIFY DEVICE command (including GSmartControl, smartmontools and hdparm) is affected. See the smartmontools wiki page for details.

Do NOT use these programs with Samsung F4 EcoGreen!

Samsung released a firmware update that should fix this issue.


Detecting RAID controllers and their properties

I am working on implementing support of various RAID controllers in GSmartControl.Unfortunately, I don't have any RAID controllers, and therefore, no information on how to detect them, the number of ports on each of them, or the port population information.

Basically, what I'm looking for is anything that will help me detect any of these:

  • 3ware under FreeBSD
  • 3ware under Windows
  • LSI MegaRAID under Linux
  • HighPoint RocketRAID under Linux
  • HighPoint RocketRAID under FreeBSD
  • CCISS (HP (Compaq) Smart Array Controller) under Linux
  • CCISS (HP (Compaq) Smart Array Controller) under FreeBSD

I do have some information on these:

  • Areca under Linux (I have full information on how to detect them).
  • 3ware under Linux (I have all the information except the info on how to detect the number of ports without using the proprietary tw_cli tool).

I case you want to help, these are the places you can start searching in (in Linux; no idea about FreeBSD or Windows):

  • /proc/devices
  • /proc/scsi/scsi
  • /proc/scsi/sg/device*
  • /sys/bus/scsi/devices/host*

Anything that resembles your controller name, the number of ports, which ports are populated, and how to map all this to smartctl command parameters is really appreciated. Also, the outputs of smartctl -i and smartctl -a when run on non-existent controller, non-existent channel and unpopulated channel is helpful as well.

If you have any information or have one of the RAID controllers listed above and want to help, please contact me at ashaduri 'at'

Thanks a lot in advance!


Windows packages have been updated to include the latest GTK+ (gtk2-runtime-2.16.6-2010-02-24-ash), while also fixing some minor issues.


Windows packages have been updated. This version fully supports Windows 7. Apart from that, it includes the latest GTK+, as well as smartctl from smartmontools-5.39.1. See the Downloads page for details.


Windows packages have been updated. There are four types of packages now - two of them include GTK+ and two of them don't. Both are available in (improved) installer and plain zip format. See the Downloads page for details.

Note: This means that you don't have to install GTK+ in Windows anymore (unless, of course, you want to use a -nogtk package).


GSmartControl 0.8.5 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • GSmartControl now uses XDG config directory for per-user configuration on UNIX and CSIDL_PROFILE directory on Windows. Existing configuration is migrated automatically.
  • The names are shown correctly for unsupported devices even with the latest smartctl snapshots now.
  • Smartctl SVN revision is shown (if available).
  • The progress bars update properly when parallel tests are run.
  • Windows: GSmartControl should be able to operate on any valid filesystem path (not just locale-representable ones).
  • Windows: GSmartControl is now officially compilable on x86_64 via mingw64.
  • Fixed compilation under very old gtkmm/libglademm, and with gcc 4.4.
  • Fixed parsing of multiple error types in SMART error log.
  • Added minor features and fixed miscellaneous bugs.

Also, the Windows version now includes smartctl from smartmontools 5.39-0-20090826-r2878.


GSmartControl 0.8.4 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • Linux Software RAID devices are blacklisted now. (backported from Debian).
  • Attributes tab is before the capabilities tab now.
  • A man page has been generously contributed by Giuseppe Iuculano <giuseppe 'at'>.
  • Smartctl version now includes the CVS snapshot date (if available).
  • Windows: Look for 'smartctl-nc.exe' instead of 'smartctl.exe' by default.
  • Windows: Use smartmontools-supplied smartctl-nc.exe by default (if found).
  • Other minor changes (mainly Debian backports).

Also, the Windows version now includes smartctl from smartmontools 5.39-0-20090322.

Note: To use smartmontools installation on Windows, GSmartControl needs at least version 5.39-0-20090322 of smartmontools. See smartmontools download page for recent Windows version snapshots.

Huge thanks to Christian Franke for his suggestions and help with the Windows package.


GSmartControl 0.8.3 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • A random 'Smartctl returned an empty output' error on Windows was fixed. Thanks to Zurab Khetsuriani for testing.
  • Fixed a parser issue which prevented running self-tests in Windows.
  • The supplied icon (hopefully) shows correctly in Windows 2000 now.
  • This release adds an official support for Windows 2000 SP4.
  • Added scripts to allow GSmartControl to read smartctl data from cron-generated files. This allows users to read somewhat recent smartctl information without having to run GSmartControl as root. Generously contributed by Alex Butcher <alex dot butcher 'at'>.
  • Configure script correctly aborts instead of printing a warning if gtkmm or libglademm (if needed) is not found.
  • Configure script now accepts --enable-windows-console, --disable-abort-if-no-gtkmm, --disable-abort-if-no-glade-reader, as well as Windows-supporting 'auto' for --enable-nsis-wine and --with-nsis.
  • Configure's --with-win32-env has been renamed to --with-windows-dlls.
  • The 'About' dialog shows version information now.
  • Minor bugs were fixed.


GSmartControl 0.8.2 released. See the Downloads page.
Changes include:

  • Renamed to gsmartcontrol-root, to make Debian happy.
  • Fixed gsmartcontrol-root script to support distributions with no /usr/sbin in their users' paths (thanks to Erwan Velu).
  • Added desktop auto-detection to gsmartcontrol-root script. This allows us to use only one desktop file (thanks to Erwan Velu).
  • Added Debian package directory (named 'debian.dist' for now to avoid control file conflicts with Build Service).
  • Added make targets for Windows packages (zip and NSIS).
  • Fixed Windows-related issues (Vista is fully supported now).
  • Fixed minor bugs: Smartctl parser is win32-locale-aware now; No more unnecessary parsing; No segfault on exit under Windows and Solaris; A friendlier message is displayed if smartctl was not found; No highlighted labels when switching tabs in Information window.


GSmartControl 0.8.1 installer for Windows is available now. See the Downloads page for details. You will need GTK+ for Windows Runtime package to use it. You can get one at (you must download at least version 2.14.4-2008-11-11 of gtk2-runtime).


GSmartControl 0.8.1 released. See the Downloads page.
New features include:

  • Disabled Linux 'by-id' drive detection - it's unreliable on some broken systems.
  • Added some more attribute descriptions.
  • Our names for attributes override smartctls' now.
  • Added a proper 'Add Device' dialog for Windows.
  • Added an icon and resource file for Windows.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Also, a Windows build is available now from the Downloads page. It has been tested with Windows XP (doesn't seem to work on Windows 2000 yet).


GSmartControl 0.8.0rc4 (codename 'toaster') released. See the Downloads page.
New features include:

  • FreeBSD support (tested with DesktopBSD 1.6 (FreeBSD 6.3) / x86).
  • NetBSD support (tested with NetBSD 4.0.1 / x86).
  • OpenBSD support (tested with OpenBSD 4.3 / x86-64 / gcc-3.3.5).
  • Solaris support (tested with Solaris 10 / x86 / gcc-3.4.3 / blastwave, Solaris 10 / x86 / sunstudio12 / sunfreeware).
  • Code to support Windows, Mac OS X, , DragonFlyBSD.
  • Support of older pcre versions (at least 4.5, maybe older too).
  • Added script to easily run gsmartcontrol as root.
  • Improved .desktop files.
  • License for tests and examples is legally more correct now.
  • Minor bugfixes.


GSmartControl 0.8.0rc3 released. See the Downloads page.
New features include:

  • Added support for udevless Linux distributions by providing a fallback /proc/partitions-based drive detection method. The new method adds support for Linux 2.4 and older systems. Thanks to Paul Marwick for reporting and testing.
  • Fixed invalid error messages with directory-related operations.
  • Fixed invalid verbosity levels of console output of debug messages in non-debug builds.
  • Improved rpm spec file - now supports building on Open Build Service with various distributions as targets.


GSmartControl 0.8.0rc2 released. This release fixes compilation under gcc 4.3.


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Initial public release.

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