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Monitor/System was working fine. Bf decides to play xbox using the monitor and plugs it in via a hdmi cable, plays his game and all was fine. He tried to switch between the xbox display back to the PC display using the menu button. As he was scrolling to VGA he went past DVI where the monitor went blank, displayed a 'No Signal' box and went into sleep mode.
I now can't get the monitor to display anything. It has a completely black screen and an orange light. I turn the monitor off and on again, the blue light comes on, it displays a box saying 'DVI' and then another box saying 'No Signal' and then turns itself off again back to the orange light.
Have rebooted, turned everything off from the mains and rebooted again. When I turn the monitor on clicking the menu button doesn't work...nothing displays it just does the 'DVI' and 'No Signal' box and shuts itself down within about 3 seconds.
I don't use DVI, I use a VGA cable but I can't use the menu to select VGA or HDMI because it doesn't let me or give me enough time.
PC was working fine before this...RAM and graphics card are seated fine, all cables plugged in correctly etc.
Any ideas?
Iiyama Laptops & Desktops Driver

Iiyama Laptops For Gaming

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Iiyama Laptops Review

Iiyama Laptops & Desktops Driver

Iiyama Laptops Best Buy

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