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Suddenly your face angle is 4 degrees open. With the loft set at the maximum of 12 degrees, the face angle is 4 degrees closed. What this means is that you’re going to have to assess your needs before you even begin to tweak your driver. You can dial in the face angle using the sole plate adjustment if you know what loft angle you need. Find Face Driver Discs at MSC Industrial Supply, serving the metalworking, safety, and MRO industries for over 75 years.

We have a great selection of both round and square metal clock dial faces as well as beautifully crafted German bezel/crystal/dial combinations, economical styrene dials and a great selection of adhesive backed clock numbers in both brass and black finishes.

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We have a great selection of clock dials. We have both round and square metal dials that are printed with epoxy based inks on aluminum for a long lasting, durable finish. The square metal dials range from 7-1/4 inches to 9-7/8 inches. The round metal dials range in size from 4-1/2 inches to 7-7/8 inches. We also stock an arched top 9-7/8 inch by 13 inch Tempus Fugit dial. Perfect for Grandmother clocks.


Clock Bezel Crystals

Our fine selection of German style Clock Bezel Crystal is a point of pride for us. We have four sizes from 4 inch up to 7-7/8 inches in both traditional German Roman and Arabic designs. The quality is first rate. We start with a heavy gauge steel back plate that is pre-drilled so you can use brads or small screws to firmly mount the steel plate to your clock case.

Next the beautifully printed aluminum dial is installed. It has raised edges so that the brads or screws used will not come into contact with the dial. This raised edge also adds to the appearance of depth. The curved glass lens is then mounted to the outside edge of the aluminum clock dial. The glass lens is firmly held in place by installing the solid brass bezel. This beautifully crafted solid brass bezel friction fits very well onto the raised edges of the steel back plate. This avoids the expense of having to use a bezel with a hinge, which is not needed for battery operated or electric movements.

Clock Numbers and Markers

  • Dial torque wrenches have a dial on the wrench head with a main pointer that displays the amount of torque applied when the wrench is placed on a fastener and rotated. A memory pointer indicates the maximum torque applied to the fastener. They can also identify the torque required to loosen tightened fasteners so fewer torque wrenches are required.
  • I have an out to in, typical fade and slice biased swing. What has worked for me is to set the driver upright +1 click (closer to just over 11deg loft, slightly closed face with the weight more towards “face” center which is fade biased from the Neutral blue line). Still dealing with poor form that promotes slice fades.
  • Riten Industries, Inc. Table Of Contents. All Categories Face Driver Mechanical Face Drivers. Type 40 / Driving Diameter Range: 0.32 - 0.67 Inch.

The Clock Numbers and Markers is a very popular category. We carry adhesive backed sets of both gold Roman and Arabic numbers in sizes ranging from 3/8 of an inch to 1-1/4 inches. All styles are available in both black and gold. For very large wall clocks we offer 4 inch black adhesive backed vinyl Arabic or Roman numbers that can be mounted to any smooth wall surface.

Our antique series of dials are excellent reproductions. We copied some very old clock dials, showing all the effects of over 100 years of aging. There is no other line like this anywhere in the industry. The 4-1/2 inch and 6 inch sizes are printed on aluminum and the 16 and 22 inch sizes are printed on1/8 inch Masonite (aka hardboard.). This category also includes two 6-1/2 inch embossed metal antique dials as well.

Specialty Clock Dials

The Specialty Dial Category covers a wide selection of dials. Anything from reverse (or Barbershop) dials to 24 hour military time dials to Day Of The Week, 31 Day Calendar and Thermometer dials. Some of these dials are printed on aluminum and the larger sizes (11-1/8 Inch) we print in-house on heavy gauge styrene with the time honored process known as Silk Screen printing. Also in this category is our selection of adhesive backed “ Partial Sunburst” 4 digit Arabic dials. We stock then in 3inch, 4 inch and 5 inch sizes. Lastly, we offer both Roman and Arabic Vienna Regulator dials in 6-1/2 inch diameter.. Both the embossed raised edges and center ring add a lot of visual depth to these classic dials.

What are Clock Dials

A clock dial face is a printed or stamped pattern sub straight that may be embossed with designs and numbers to help show time on a clock dials face. Clock dials are available in many shape and sizes from classical square metal antique to round brass with Roman numerals. Clock dials show time and are a key visual component of any clock.

Ever increasing demands on the manufacturer to improve productivity and quality have led to the need for faster machining techniques. Face drivers, along with today’s new high performance equipment, let you maximize your production capabilities for minimal expense.

With a Riten USA Face Driver, the entire workpiece is exposed for machining. Therefore, you are able to machine the entire length of the workpiece in one operation. The elimination of a setup in the production process results in increased accuracy and efficiency. Furthermore, the single axis reference point established by the center point of the face driver allows for a higher concentricity.

Industrie Dial Face Driver Tool

The Riten USA Face Driver Line consists of seven hydraulic designs and ten mechanical designs. There is a face driver available for your specific application.

How A Face Driver Works

A face driver has two main components, the drive head and the mounting. The mounting locates the driver in the machine with either a morse taper shank mount directly into the machine taper; or a chuck mount chucked between special chuck jaws; or a flange mount bolted to a spindle adapter on the machine spindle. The illustration shows a morse taper shank. The drive head (also known as a carrier body) contains the compensating medium (hydraulic or mechanical); which allows the pins to adjust to variations in the locating face and the spring-loaded center point. Face driving is a simple two step clamping operation, centering followed by clamping. Under tailstock pressure, the workpiece engages the center point which locates the part and provides a consistent axis of rotation. As the tailstock continues to drive the workpiece against the center point, the axial pressure forces the spring-loaded center point back into the carrier body until the drive pins engage the face of the workpiece. Each pin individually compensates for any irregularities in the face until all of the pins are fully engaged. Under the increasing axial load, the drive pins penetrate the workpiece completing the clamping operation, while the center point maintains the axis of rotation.

The compensating medium (either hydraulic or mechanical) in the face driver assures equal penetration of the drive pins despite variations in the surface or in the squareness of the face. Therefore, surface imperfections or out of square saw cuts do not present a problem when face driving.

Five Misconceptions about Face Driving

How to Select a Face Driver

1. Determine the finish diameter (F) of the workpiece at the driving face.

Industrie Dial Face Driver Manual

2. Choose the face driver series whose maximum driving diameter (G) is smaller than the finish diameter (F).

3.(G) should be .020 smaller than (F) to allow for clearance.

4.Check the maximum raw stock size (S). (S) should not be more than three times (G) for maximum gripping capabilities. If you require a larger maximum raw bar stock size, please contact Riten technical support [email protected]

5. Determine the rotation of the headstock to determine drive pin direction. See diagram below:

6.Choose the drive pins that allow maximum driving diameter (G). Full width drive pins are the first choice for maximum gripping force.

However, offset, half offset drive pins are also available to meet a broad range of part diameters. See diagram below:

Industrie Dial Face Driver Updater

7. Choose the mounting styles (taper

Mount, flange and chuck mount) that are available for each Series of face drivers. If you choose a flange mount and plan to mount the driver directly to the spindle of the machine a spindle adapter will be required. See diagrams below: