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IOtech PointScan 100 Driver ChannelandDeviceLimits Themaximumnumberofchannelssupportedbythisdriveris100.Themaximumnumberofdevicessup-portedbythisdriveris1024perchannel.

Iotech Driver

Includes support for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio®.NET, with examples for Visual C®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®, and Visual Basic®.NET. Drivers for DASYLab®, MATLAB®, and LabVIEW® are included and the DaqCal calibration software allows you to easily calibrate the Personal Daq 3000 modules. Type Information; ID: 0622: Vendor Devices. Sorry your search turned up no reuslts. Made with ️ by Doug Thwaites.

Why choose iotech. During 12 years in wireless network experience and more than 10 years in software development, we have managed to build up comprehensive competencies that cover new-age technologies the industry needs to evolve. IOtech Data Acquisition Software Software for IOtech devices includes easy-to-use data viewing and logging software and drivers for the most popular applications and languages.

Customer Service

IOTEC has always provided our customers with the highest level of service and support. Expanding upon our commitment to customer service, our customers may now place a service request, place meter readings, order supplies online and download our step-by step guides.

Service requests, meter reading submissions and supply orders that are submitted online receive the same prompt attention our customers have come to rely upon.

Iotech Driver

Our conscientious Customer Service Department represents IOTEC in a professional, prompt and courteous manner with all customers in order to provide the highest quality of customer service.

Our Customer Service Representatives are continuously visiting new and existing accounts to properly train customers on the equipment by performing Key Operating Training and following a checklist to ensure customer satisfaction.

Iotech driver

Additionally, our CSRs call upon our customers to follow up and ensure that we are exceeding the needs of our customers. Our Customer Service Department is constantly developing and implementing improved procedures leading to a higher quality of customer service.

When calling to place a service request, you get someone live on the phone instead of an impersonal, automated system. We welcome your calls and you are immediately connected to the appropriate personnel that will diligently work towards a resolution.


The direct link towards our customers and Field Technicians is our Dispatch Center. Our dispatchers are technically trained to deal with all types of issues and to decrease customer down time. Each service call is dispatched electronically to the closest specialist in your area. Our dedicated dispatch team utilizes the latest, most efficient dispatch software available and monitors response time by keeping our customers updated.

IOTEC is proud to represent Toshiba products and ensures state-of-the-art technology and training. Our IT professionals ensure that the proper installation of these devices into your office meet stringent qualifications.

Auto Fill Form Directions:

Using Google browser, you will find autofill button on the tool bar. Click on add/edit profile and enter all your information then save it. Once you go to one of our customer forms, just click on the autofill button and your information should automatically appear on the form.

Leading with Eco Innovation

From our zero-waste-to-landfill toner recycling to greener manufacturing, Toshiba is a recognized environmental leader. While everyone is talking green, at Toshiba we're investing in programs that help both our business and yours to better reduce, reuse and recycle.

Toner Recycling

Nothing goes to waste with our Close The Loop program that allows you to return toner bottles, cartridges and other supplies free of charge.

Biotech Driver

Greener Products

The vast majority of our products are Energy Star® rated and feature sleep modes that can reduce electricity consumption by up to 60%

Greener Manufacturing

From using recycled plastics and reducing packaging to eliminating the use of harmful substances, we're reducing our environmental footprint.

Iotech Driver

Encompass Green Report


Save some green while being more green by significantly reducing your energy, toner, paper and supply use with an Encompass™ Analysis.

Iotech Daq 3000 Driver

Programs and Alliances

Iotech Dasylab Drivers

Achieving long-term sustainability takes leadership and action, that's why we offer, support and participate in a wide range of green initiatives.

Machine Vibration Monitoring Software for the ZonicBook™ and WaveBook™.

eZ-TOMAS is the economical solution to rotating machinery monitoring and analysis. eZ-TOMAS will monitor your machines on a 24 hour basis. Data is continuously acquired and limit checked. eZ-TOMAS retains the change in vibration condition and quickly provides you with the information you need to make critical decisions. eZ-TOMAS can be quickly setup to measure rotating machinery vibration data. Machine configuration and acquisition information can be copied from templates or copied from existing projects. Accessing rotating machinery displays are as simple as double-clicking on the desired input channel. eZ-TOMAS checks vibration data at both alert and alarm levels. Alarm levels can either be set by you; or eZ-TOMAS can automatically calculate alarm levels based on past machine operation. Changes in vibration levels indicate changes in a machine’s operating condition, which are warning signs of potential machine failure.

Iotech Drivers