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Add WinDriver to the list of device drivers Windows CE loads on boot: Modify the registry according to the entries documented in the file WinDriver samples winceinstall projectwd.reg. This can be done using the Windows CE Pocket Registry Editor on the hand-held CE computer, or by using the Remote CE Registry Editor Tool supplied with MS. SPD Jungo Internal USB Driver helps to connect any SPD (Spreadturm) devices to the computer without installing any ADB Driver or any other driver packages. USB drivers are a very important part of all Smartphones and Tablets it allows us to connect any smartphone to a computer or laptop to communicate with each other. 1 - Install driver-atmel-bundle-7.0.888.exe 2 - Install AVR Studio 4.19 - Do NOT Install USB drivers. 3 - Run AVR Studio 4.19 in Win7 compatibility mode to prevent the program crashing when file dialogs are opened. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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Hello Experts and Freaks.

General question about USB drivers for programming.

With AVR Studio 4, where Stk500.exe can be used, access to USB programming devices is based on Jungo technology.

Jungo Driver Windows Xp

With Atmel Studio 7, Jungo way is sort of disabled in the benefit of atmel_winusb native driver, which is used with 7.0atbackendatprogram.exe...

When both Stk500.exe and atprogram.exe need to be used, it leads to painful driver update switches in the device manager (browse my computer..., let me pick from a list...)

However in 7.0ExtensionsApplication I found some Jungo DLL's: LibJungoUSB.dll and JungoInterfaces.dll. Does it mean there's some way to use Jungo with Atmel Studio 7 and its back-end tools?

Jungo Driver

Thank you for *technical* suggestion, any piece of advice, leads, pointers, trick, loosely related information about this question.

Jungo Driver Windows 10

Some side consideration could be to include LibUSB0 which seems very similar to Jungo technology. It seems this driver is installed during Atmel 7.0. And also it seems it is (was) associated with Olimex tools. Not too sure, that's why I only mention it here sideways.