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The package provides the installation files for FTDI USB Serial Port Driver version If the driver is already installed on your system, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix various issues, add new functions, or just upgrade to the available version. Logic Controls LV3000 USB Connected Virtual Pole Display on Windows Embedded, Vista, 7. Make sure the device is unplugged for the driver installation.

  1. Method 3: Reinstall The USB Device Driver. If you are fed up with the problem of device descriptor request failed, then uninstall and reinstall the USB device driver from the Windows Device Manager to rectify the issue. Type Device Manager in the Windows search box and click on it to launch the Device Manager.
  2. When connecting Logic to the USB port and starting the Logic software, the Device Manager may show the device as 'Logic Pro.' This is incorrect, and may cause issues with operation. The solution is to uninstall and reinstall the Logic driver on the PC.
To install the Logic Controls USB 1603 and 1803 Cash Drawers you should do the following. The documentation and utilities are provided on a CD shipped with the cash drawer.
1. Install the Drivers for the Cash Drawer from the CD.
2. Run the 2.CREdit Utility to set the drawer opening codes.
Drawer codes in CREdit should be set to the following:
COM port installed in Step 1 above
Baud Rate: 9600
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Cmd Code1: 7
Cmd Codes 2-5: 0
bytes in command: 1
OPOS/JPOS should be left unchecked.
3. Press the Open Test button. If this does not pop the drawer you should contact Logic Controls to make sure that you have the settings correctly set to pop the drawer.
4. Once you have popped the drawer with the CREdit utility, choose Devices from the Tools menu in RetailEdge. Modify the Generic Cash Drawer setting for Flow Control on the Serial Port tab to Hardware DTR/DTS. Then save the settings
5. Edit your workstation settings by choosing Workstations from the Tools Settings menu and modify your desired workstation. On the Cash Drawer tab choose Serial Port, Select the COM Port set in Step one above, and choose device name Generic Cash Drawer. Save the workstation settings.
6. Choose No Sale from the Register menu in RetailEdge. This should pop the drawer.
Logic Controls documentation on these steps has been provided below
When the cash drawer is plugged into the computer's USB port, the HID
driver will be installed automatically. After the HID driver is
installed, run the program 'HidComInst.exe' to install the COM port
conversion driver.
After installing the COM port conversion driver, the Cash Drawer will
be accessed via a virtual COM port. Check the assigned COM port
number under Device Manager.
Run the utility software 'CRedit' included in the driver diskette to
set the drawer opening codes.
1. With Windows Explorer, double click on the file 'CRedit' to start
the utiltiy software.
2. Select COM port name on the utility start up screen as shown under
Logic controls usb devices driver updater Device Manager and click OK.

Logic Controls Usb Devices Driver Win 7

3. Enter number of bytes to be used for the opening code in the 'Bytes

Logic Controls Usb Devices Driver Updater

in command' box (1 to 5).
4. Enter the decimal code values in the boxes Cmd Code1 to Cmd Code5.
For example, enter '7' for 'Ctrl-G' to open the drawer. If the code
is less than 5 bytes, codes in the additional boxes will be ignored.
6. Click 'Write to CR' button to write settings to the cash drawer.
7. Set up the POS retail software with same opening code and COM port
name for the cash drawer.
8. Test with the POS retail software.

Logic Controls Usb Devices Drivers

Note: For security reason, it's recommended that the programming utility

Logic Controls Usb Devices Driver Windows 7

software should not be copied onto the cashier station computer to

Logiccontrols USB Devices Driver

avoid unauthorized change of the opening codes.