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LRP Electronics Flow Works Team & Flow Competition ESC

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ReviewCar Action
Blank Setup Sheet
V1.4 Editable Setup Sheet
V3.3 Editable Setup Sheet
V3.8 Editable Setup Sheet
V4.0 Editable Setup Sheet
V4.7 Editable Setup Sheet
V5.0 Editable Setup Sheet
Win-Version v2.0.7LRP
Mac-Version v2.0.7
v1.4 - original firmware / initial software releaseLRP
Update v3.8 - special Offroad Modified firmware
Update v4.7 - special Onroad Modified firmware
Update v5.4 - special Stock Only firmware
V3.3 - OffRoad - Low Traction - July 2013
V4.0 - OffRoad - Medium & High Traction - July 2013
V4.0 - OnRoad - Asphalt - July 2013
V4.0 - OnRoad - Carpet - July 2013
DateDriverFirmwareVehicleEvent – PlaceCompositionTrack ConditionCredit
2016.10.22Maxim LaverychevV4.7TCETS CarpetM. Laverychev
2015.11.22Maxim LaverychevV4.7TCCarpetM. Laverychev
2015.07.12Ilya PlakhotnikV4.7TCRussion Nats - TaganrogAsphaltMediumThard
2015.07.12Ed ClarkV4.7TCAsphaltThard
2014.07.14-19Joona HaatanenV3.82wdTrelleborgClayLowLRP
2014.07.14-19Tom CockerillV3.82wdTrelleborgClayLowNOSRAM
2014.07.14-19Joona HaatanenV3.84wdTrelleborgClayLowLRP
2014.07.14-19Tom CockerillV3.84wdTrelleborgClayLowNOSRAM
2013.11.03Ronald VolkerV4.7TCTrencinAsphaltLRP
2013.11.03Alex SmithV3.32wdBRCRClayMedium
2013.08.17-18Ronald VolkerV4.0TCGerman Nats - LeipzigAsphatMedium
2013.08.11Ronald VolkerV4.0TCPYCAsphatHigh
2013.08.01-04Ronald Volker
Freddy Sudhoff
Viljami Kutvonen
V4.0TCEuro Champs - Torres NovasAsphatMedium
2013.07.19-21Ronald VolkerV4.0TCETS - TrencinAsphatMedium
2013.04.27-28Steven HartsonV3.32wdOCRCClay
2013.04.27-28Steven HartsonV3.3TruckOCRCClay
2012.07.25-28Ronald VolkerV4.0TCWC - HeemstedeAsphaltLowLRP
2012.07.22-24Ronald VolkerV4.01/12WC - HeemstedeCarpetLRP

Lrp Electronic Drivers License

Blue Power in Asia. With JJ Wang - LRP wins one of the best for them. His big goal is the IFMAR WM TC and 1/12 in China.LRP announces the signing of JJ Wang to their WorksTeam. The young Chinese top driver will power his HB electric cars in the upcoming season and beyond and will reinforce LRP´s On-road Team for the upcoming season with IFMAR World Championship in TC and 1/12 class. Standard search with a direct link to product, package, and page content when applicable.

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Lrp Electronic Driver License