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5 mysterious things on Mars caught on camera by NASA. We take a look at 5 mysterious things caught on camera by NASA. Many people the world over believe that. Mars Color Imager on the right side The Mars Color Imager (MARCI) is a wide-angle, relatively low-resolution camera that views the surface of Mars in five visible and two ultraviolet bands. Each day, MARCI collects about 84 images and produces a global map with pixel resolutions of 1 to 10 km (0.62 to 6.21 mi). Mast Camera, Stereo Pair (MASTCAM) Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) NASA-JPL: MMM Digital Electronics Assembly (DEA) Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) NASA-JPL: Camera Monitoring Assembly (CMA) Classified Earth Orbiter: Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) Phoenix Mars Lander NASA-JPL: TPS Camera Cosmos-1 The Planetary Society: Narrow Angle Camera, Stereo. Mars: Viking: Camera 1: 8550x1852x1: PIA03164: Morning on Chryse Planitia - Viking Lander 1 Camera 2 Mosaic Full Resolution: TIFF (7.228 MB) JPEG (1.383 MB) 2001-07-30: Mars: Viking: Camera 1: 8550x1852x1: PIA03163.

Mars Cameras

The planet of Mars

Mars Rover Cameras


Enjoy a virtual tour of the surface of Mars with this webcam. You can watch live stream of the exploration of the Red Planet using the NASA’s Perseverance rover.

It was launched on July 30, 2020 using an Atlas V launch vehicle from the Cape Canaveral launch site. The largest rover in the world, which broadcasts the Red Planet in an online camera, has an important mission, including: collecting soil, producing oxygen on Mars, and other significant tasks.

Mars Cameras



Mars, which surface you see in the webcam, is the fourth planet farthest from the Sun after Mercury, Venus and Earth.

Scientists have assumptions about the life existence on this planet. The evidence for this hypothesis only indirectly confirms it, so the exploration of Mars continues.

In 2018, there was a report about the discovery of the Great Salt Lake under ice at the South Pole of Mars, which was later confirmed by scientists. Also, three more lakes were found here. Thus, it was found that there is in fact a buried reservoir of very salty liquid water near the South Pole. This discovery makes it possible to believe that there is a high probability of its own microscopic life existence on the Red Planet. The results of the study showed that an underground “lake” of liquid water had accumulated under the frozen layers of sedimentary rocks – similar to the subglacial lakes found under the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets on Earth. It is known that the lakes on Earth, located under ice, are rich in bacterial life. Therefore, there is all reasons to believe the existence of such life in liquid reservoirs on Mars waters, from where the online live stream is coming.

Scientists seriously suggest that Mars, shown in this webcam, is the most suitable planet in the solar system for a possible humanity resettlement in future. Earth and Mars share many characteristics. Besides the almost identical length of the day with a difference of only 40 minutes, the two planets have almost the same environmental conditions and atmospheric phenomena. Also, Mars, well shown in this live camera, has the same hard surface and periodic seasons.

Mars Camera Live

Baltic Live Cam also have a live feed made by NASA, as also several online cameras mounted in various parts of the world. An online cam adjacent to this one shows a view of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Another live web camera online shows the Coney Island boardwalk near Brighton Beach. Many miles east of these scenes you can view fascinating city scenery in Europe such as a panorama of Vilnius in Lithuania and a playful tour through the romantic city of Prague – all on web camera online.