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  • With a mobile hotspot, you can connect up to 10 mobile devices via a 4G LTE smartphone. After a few quick steps, the phone creates its own secure Wi-Fi network for your devices to join. There’s no need for a USB cable, and multiple users can share your phone’s mobile data plan at once. There are just a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.
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  • Quibi is seriously only available on phones. While some mobile users can project a phone's screen to their TVs, the Quibi app - and thus its programs - is only be available on phones.
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Buy EasyTether $9.99 from our website
One-time fee, free updates

EasyTether shares Internet connection on your Android smartphone with your computer or tablet. EasyTether uses exactly the same data plan that is used for the on-phone Internet access like in the built-in browser or e-mail app or youtube application. No additional tethering fees.

You can download EasyTether Lite from our site, as well as from Google Play Store. Please note that Sprint has removed EasyTether from Google Play, for Sprint tethering you can get fully functional EasyTether from our website.

Featured in WSJ Tech Essentials and Wired News.


  • Does not require root access on the smartphone
  • USB and Bluetooth tethering for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and legacy Vista/XP computers (32/64-bit)
  • USB and Bluetooth tethering for Android tablets including Kindle Fire
  • USB tethering for macOS versions down to 10.4 on Intel and legacy PowerPC hardware
  • USB and Bluetooth tethering support for Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux etc) computers on Intel, ARM (including Raspberry Pi) or whatever hardware
  • Unique USB tethering for OpenWrt and LEDE-based routers
  • Unique USB and Bluetooth tethering for FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD systems
  • Unique Bluetooth tethering for NetBSD systems
  • UDP support for games, for L2TP VPN and for some IM apps
  • Game consoles tethering via Windows/OS X Internet Connection Sharing feature
  • Free lifetime upgrades for the full version
  • Implemented as a normal NAT application with full TCP and UDP support
  • Compatible with HTC Sync
  • all Android devices are supported

After installing EasyTether app onto your Android device, you have to download drivers for your computer, notebook or Android tablet

You can register the already downloaded EasyTether for $9.99, PayPal and all credit cards are accepted. EasyTether Lite blocks secure sites (https), http sites will work forever though.

This Android tether app works with all carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T.

Please try the demo before purchasing the software to see if it is compatible with your cellular operator environment.

EasyTether is also available on Google (except for Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile)

EasyTether is also available on Amazon (all carriers, including Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile)

Disclaimer. We will accept no responsibility for the use or misuse of our software, for any damage that may be caused by the software or the software possible lack of suitability. We are not responsible for any charges you may incur from your cellular provider as a result of using EasyTether.
We are not responsible for any failures of app stores (Google, Samsung or any other third-party app store), we are responsible only for orders made directly from our website.

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